A few words from Melissa Flores Alcantara ...

Can you imagine a world where companies work for people’s best interests? Where humanism drives each link in the supply chain? Livanna is a company that strives towards a world marked by empathy and generosity. We were born with a cause: To contribute to the development and well-being of humanity. Fashion for philanthropy In Livanna good intentions become concrete actions. We know that change starts with ourselves. That is why we recognize the value of each person that is part of Livanna through a worthy work environment and fair wages. We also have a committed team that involves our brand in social development projects which focus on different causes
that we feel passionate about. Committed companies

We want to be the example. Companies have great power, which is why social
responsibility and sustainability must be the pillars of their daily operations. Our goal is to set the standard and showcase how companies can commit to social change.